Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Adeptus Mechanicus "counts as" Sentinel Part 3

Adeptus Mechanicus "counts as" Sentinel Part 3

Ok, ok... I am a bit of a slacker.. Excuses for no updates aside I have been slowly working on finishing this set of Sentinel conversions.

Aiming for a little bit of a different paint scheme, I focused on trying to paint Sandstone.. Turns out not only is stone a difficult concept to paint, sandstone is exceptionally challenging due to the wacky colors combos and random patterns. The aim was something along the lines of this..

I ended up with something completely different, but not terrible.. With more practice and experimentation the goal is replicating something closer to traditional Sandstone.
Going with my Admech Bases to fit in the line Troops

The next set I will pose, adjust and label before painting, the adjustment of the "Toes" was a pain after the fact, too much time was spent fixing paint blemishes after fiddling with the legs to get the position correct.

More soon, and I hope to avoid another 3 months between updates..