Saturday, January 25, 2014

So lets try this again...

So 2013 what an interesting year for me, I know everyone has a story, and no one really wants to read about our "fun" non-gaming nonsense on a hobby blog, so I will spare everyone the boredom.
The original goal was to restart blogging as a "New Year's Resolution", I quickly realized how idiotic that was, so waiting a couple days, then procrastinated as I often do, and finally with the baby asleep and the wife out of town I have no good excuse not to.
I am going to try and start posting weekly, we will see how long that lasts.
Let's Start with Adeptus Mechanicus!
I have to say I am inspired to really finish my AdMech project(s), between Dave Taylor's amazing and ever expanding Adeptus Mechanicus army to the new Forge World Mechanicum line I really want this army built and on the table!
Ok, I am out, lets actually work on some models...