Monday, March 26, 2012

Micro Art Studio Status Markers #1 Review

Status Markers #1(5)

Another day, another review!
Playing competitively I am finding not having status markers in games a bit of a problem at times, more for my opponent then myself. A stunned vehicle shoots, a immobilized vehicle moves, and to be clear it’s all due to the frenetic pace of the game.
Looking for a paintable objective marker I quickly found the Micro Art Studio objective marker, unpainted resin, which allows me color match my armies. At $6.45 for 5 they were a bit pricy but looked amazing. I lucked out at my last event with a Warstore booth having stock and was able to purchase 4 sets of them avoiding international shipping delays and time.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

AdMech Factory Ruins: First batch in Part II, WIP Trooper

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Overall pleased with how the second series of bases came out. I learned a lot about the mold making material we use (aka how much detail is can reproduce), most importantly every imperfection needs to be cleaned up before we cast.
Honestly I thought it would only take an hour or two to paint up all of the bases, between airbrushing the base coats on and a “simple” drybrush or two, but the more I worked with them the more fun I had! I spent 7 hours start to finish painting all of the bases yesterday while sitting at the bunker. I still need a better photo booth or post production program.
Duplicolor Black auto primer
Vallejo Model Air Steel (1:1 mix with airbrush medium)
Games Workshop Badab Black wash (1:1 mix with airbrush medium)
Games Workshop Chainmail drybrush.
Greens: Games Workshop Dark Angels, Goblin, Snot
Blacks: Games Workshop Chaos Black, Codex Grey
Rust Effect: Game Workshop Scorched Brown, Vallejo Copper, water (4:1:3)
Oil Effect: Games Workshop Gryphon Sepia, Dublin Mud
Verdigris: Games Workshop Hawk Turquoise, Dark Angels Green, water (4:1:10)
Base Rim: Games Workshop Dark Flesh.

And my AdMech trooper

I would love feedback, both on this line and suggestions on what you would like to see next. Last how do you think my AdMech trooper looks on the base.