Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Before they go into retirement... Landspeeders & Storms

I am not sold on Landspeeders, point for point, in sixth edition, and Storms explode from a strong breeze so they are going on a shelf for the time being.
Before they start collecting dust however here are photos.
Paint scheme was desert sandstone, trying to blend in with the basing as much as possible.

Some light conversion work, magnetized for easy swaps and storage. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

6th Edition and Me : The White Scars are dead, Long live the White Scars!

First Let me start with a couple disclaimers:
 This is my interpretations of 6th Edition, the Space Marine Codex, and Bike Armies as a whole 13 games in, including several Nova Qualifier / Beta games.. I am 8-3-2 using pure codex SM, BA, and also SM’s with IG / BA Allies.
I welcome 6th, I like change! The challenge of adapting to new rules, the introduction of new tactics, all have me excited. I have mixed feelings however on Bikes in 6th.

Second a unit breakdown highlighting the major changes and what I have seen.
 To keep it brief I am summing up what I have experienced and if you want details justifying my position post and I will respond.