Monday, July 25, 2011

Winning without being a Douche

Winning a game should be simple; Outplay, out think, out roll and win the game right?

Finishing a game cleanly without making an enemy can be tricky especially when you’re on the top tables in the final couple games. Balancing the need to take all the objectives, kill that last model and not crushing the soul of your opponent can be tricky.

With this in mind some of people at the higher end of the circuit will claim the mood of the other player means little, if not nothing. They directly/indirectly encourages bulling and more and more often tournament games seen to be more about a cult of personality and less about clean games .

Having personally learned the hard way, I have to disagree. Winning at all costs can and does have long term consequences. You have to choose for yourself if it’s worth it.

Some thoughts.

-Club level games are just that, keep in mind you’re playing with people you’re going to see again, play often. Payback sucks.

-Even if it’s a potentially a game deciding dice roll, avoid chanting for a bad outcome, especially if your destroying him…

-A rule that can decide the game, especially if you’re aiming for an obscure interpretation, it best to check with a TO beforehand. Fighting over rules burns bridges.

-If your opponent is clearly crushed, has gone quiet and sullen consider offering to “call the game” here. Few people will ask to end it early, but many will take the Olive Branch if it’s extended.

-Share the wealth..... Buy a beer for the guy you just crushed (lunch works too, but is a lot less fun). Consider using some of the store credit to get something for the kid your destroyed.

Feedback as always welcome!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Loosing the Game, how to make friends (or not..) and influence people.

Loosing gracefully, Harder than you think..

A great game with allot of excellent back and forth high paced action is always a pleasure, and few will begrudge a loss when faced with excellent opponent who truly challenges them, but the one sided blowout is a bitter pill to swallow.

This has come up personally a couple times, and to be honest is something allot of us struggle with, especially when competing on the tournament circuit.

Now I am not suggesting you concede a game, especially if it’s game 5 on table 1, but there is a difference between finishing with grace and turning it into a grudge match!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Whitescars T-Shirt Design Contest...

As seen here! Simple, fun and good rewards