Monday, April 16, 2012

Battle Report: GW Battle Bunker “Total War” 2500 point tournament

The Local Games Workshop Battle Bunker decided to fill the void left by the loss of ‘Ard Boyz with a 2500 point store event themed around the previous years events. x3 2.5 hour rounds, no painting requirements, and non standard missions.  24 attendees (down from 34, I think in part from the high point value) resulted in a $240 prize pot.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Colonial 2012 Wrapup: How to not repeat a GT win.

Hands down this was the event I was most excited to attend  this year, not just because I wonlast year, but because it was exceptionally well run event. Exceptional location, the best portable tables (Mechanicon), some of the best terrain I have seen in both quantity and quality (Brothers Grim, Mechanicon, and I think Showcase Comics), all in all it was the best event two day GT I did in 2011.
Due to a rumored falling out this year 40k was not run by Grimm group, and the previous location raised the rates resulting in us being the basement of a VFW. Expectations were high and overall Chris Nanry did not disappoint.  The location was dark; it was a basement of a VFW but…. There was a bar 10 feet from the 40k area (reasonable prices I heard), catered free lunch on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday was included!