Tuesday, November 29, 2011

-Woot!!- made it up on Mini War Gaming again...

Little bit more directly this time!

About half way through he does 2 minutes on my baseline..

Painting up the x11 40mm bases now for the website.. Then thinking of raffling or auctioning the painted ones off...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Painted Egyptian Bases...

A quick post, just finished some samples of the first wave of casts.

First our bases made it on MiniWarGaming on into Matt's Necrons!! Check the video around minute 2:30... Additionally you can see the "peach" colored disks in the background of his table.. Also mine!

60mm Bases

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mechanicon (part 2 of 2 part recap)

To start I had a couple great conversations with both the Mechanicon staff and Chris (Mastermolder) about expensive tournaments… Mechanicon is one of the more expensive ($125 ticket price) 40k GT’s on the East Coast which has turned a lot of people off and I have heard there has been drama on the Interweb about the price and where the money goes. One thing people forget is unless it’s in a gamestore a huge chunk of the gatefee goes to paying for the Hotel. Ballrooms are not free, often costing thousands of dollars. Additionally Tony’s crew has some of the best tables around. Professionally built 4’x8’s, high end terrain, which adds up quickly.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Post Mechanicon Part 1 of 2

A huge group of the Beltway Gamers decided to take the leap and head up to Mechanicon for the Warmachine events, and jonesing like a junky for a fix I signed up for the 40K GT event.
A few weeks passed and I realized days before the Mechanicon weekend I had not played a single game since The Battle for Blobs park!! With a busy work schedule and a couple personal projects keeping me busy I checked the rooster of scheduled events and found the Friday Night Fights Imperial Armour event, for $15 dollars I could get 3 games in, some great practice, and maybe win a Forge World event with my standard bike list…

Friday, November 11, 2011

First wave of Egyptian Bases are in!!!

Guys and Gals,

The first wave of bases are in! They look amazing (I am slightly biased of course)! I actually pre-sold enough of the 40mm bases that I only had 3 of the 11 styles left for photos (Terrible problem ‘eh?) but another waves of them are already in the mail to me.
My partner Jeff sent out a set of the first run to Matt at MiniWar Gaming and there is a rumor floating about that they are going to be using them for the in-house Necron army and we might get featured on their website!