Friday, July 16, 2010

A Crisis adverted and proof gamers are great people....

These are photos of my cars window….
Lastnight, the day before the ‘Ard Boyz finals, someone broke in and stole my 2500 SM army, just my army and nothing else……
Insult to injury about2/3 of the army was borrowed from Gamesmith, so it was not even mine…

What is a Fledgling ‘Ard Boyz finalist going to do when confronted with the task of missing out on the once a year finals?

He is going to call out to the community! With in hours of posting my plight on the Inner Circle Forums a few of the local games stepped up and loaned me almost 95% of everything I need, going as far as doing weapon swaps on they own models to make them fit into my army list!! It took 11 hours of driving, building and basing, but I will be able to game on!
If nothing else this proves gamers are good people…
A quick thank you, Win, Lose, or Draw, to…


Gamesmith, MTD, and Seth…

And finally Showcase comics, where ‘Ard Boyz is being held, they made it clear if I was missing anything they would do their best to make sure I could borrow models to get to the table WYSIWYG

Updates tomorrow or Sunday, W/L/D...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Thousand Sons Terminators Part 10... Finished, for now...

The final hurdle has been reached, I finished the six storm shield arms for the first ten Thousand Sons Tech Terminators. It feels good to be finished, and I'll be honest I am frustrated with how much I procrastinated on this conversion project.

Build with the 10 bodies, designed to be loyalist or renegade I have a number of weapon options
x7 Force Stave's / Thunderhammers
x6 Storm Shields
x2 Chain Fists
x2 Power Fists
x5 Sets of Lighting Claws, all converted for a variety of poses
x2 Combi-Melta (x4 more to be created with the next batch)
x2 Combi-Plasma (x4 more to be created with the next batch)
x2 Heavy Flamers
x2 Reaper / Assault Cannon (conversion combining the 2 for a more unique weapon)

Left out is the classic Cyclone Missile Launcher, and normal "power weapons" which should be in the next batch of weapons.

Assault Cannon / Reaper Autocannon

And of Course Stormshields

Feedback is very welcome, I am planning on making another 20 of these, for a total of 30! I have been collecting Techmarine bodies for this project for almost 2 years (only been in the hobby for two and half!) and still need a few more before starting the next batch..