Monday, February 22, 2010

Thousand Sons Terminators Part 4

So my first weekend off in 3 weeks and I spent the whole weekend addicted to 40K in one form or another!!! (I worked from home 2 days during the DC blizzards). Again trying to find more time to do regular updates.

Saturday I went and played in a great Tournament hosted by Inner Circle Gaming, Day . Great tourney overall, Won 2, lost 1, all good opponents, and I think I defeated myself with a risky move and a bit of miss-measuring! (I thought I was closer to an objective then I was!)

Sunday I started work again on my Terminators, finishing the prep work and priming of all the arms, all 36! Why 36? Well as I magnetized the Terminators I wanted to be able to play them as loyalist or Chaos right away, and in either position I wanted to be able to field any of another options. The thought of painting them all in the next could weeks or so is a bit daunting, but the second set of these guys will be MUCH easier as I will already have a lot of the weapon options finished and can focus on bodies.


  1. Nice shields! I can't wait to see this unit on the tabletop. Should be a great addition to your army.

  2. Thanks for the game on final table on Saturday. Made a few mistakes of my own!

    - Mike Brandt,

  3. @ MikeB

    Thanks, was a good game!

    A great game is one afterwards you see the mistakes you made, and learn from them.

    I think mine were..

    1) Mistook a lone valk for a squad
    2) Missmeasured the rhino from the objective
    3) Took the extra shots w/ the CSM Squad vs disembarking and moving on the objective
    4) Banked on a turn 6=-)

    Any other mistakes you think I overlooked?

  4. The only one I would add is that you probably should have moved your oblits up with your defilers. Trying to angle "no cover" shots on my vendettas as they skittered around behind SUPER EVIL TERRAIN PIECE FROM HELL was not as potent as it would have been to see an oblit squad and 2 nasty defilers rounding the bend to support the troubles I was having trying to angle on the princes and dreads.

    For my own part, the mistakes I made were as follows ...

    1) Not just putting those last 2 vendettas behind the big thing and using them to concentrate on the turn 5 snipe of the 1k sons.
    2) Scouting unnecessarily far forward w/ my 5 vendettas on turn 1, and therefore giving you charges due to initiative steal. I wasn't going to be "rushing" you either way, so it was stupid of me to move so far up on the scout move.
    3) Charging your dreadnaught with Straken. 2 1k sons and the sorceror survived our combat, and that's accounting for the fact that your dread added 2 to the combat res in your favor. I wasn't looking to capture that objective on turn 5, just pull you off yours. If I had ignored the dreadnaught with the multicharge (which I could have sans worry, given straken is just a sarge) and thrown the 4 wounds straken inflicted (4 hits, no 1's on pen rolls) into your squad, that's another statistical 2 dead, and 2 less dead for me from the dread. This swings the combat res from 1 in my favor to 5 in my favor (2 less dead, 2 more killed), so 5 armor saves on your lone surviving sorceror instead of 1 on your sorc + 2. This clears the 1k sons, and if the game DOES go to turn 6, I've got a troops squad + 2 vendettas + straken's squad + 2 other troops squads and a chimera or two all right there to nuke that lone surviving dreadnaught. He also doesn't explode, which killed another of straken's squad and that lone sarge from the blue-cap catachans.

    Those were my big mistakes.

  5. Ps - You know it's a good game when you win it, win the tournament going 3-0, and still are annoyed and up thinking about your mistakes later that evening. I don't typically gamble in 40k, and attacking dreadnaught, scouting so far forward, and moving those 2 vendettas into the line of fire on turn 4 bottom ALL were gambles that I didn't need to take.

  6. @ MVB

    Wow, well said!

    I think your right I was way to cautious with my oblits and Defilers, hell I should have used them to draw fire from my 1ksons if nothing else..

    Only question I have in your straken breakdown since he hit on init 4, and at that point I still had 4 1k sons and the dread wouldn't that still have worked out close to the same?

    I think we both made some gambles in the vain hope of a quick clean victory..

  7. The point was, I should not have engaged the Dread at all.

    Whether by hook or crook, you convinced me to go after the Dread not b/c I couldn't, but b/c you swore he was w/in 3" of the objective. While super critical if I was trying to capture it, I wasn't, and forgot that, so swung straken out to punch the dread instead of just chomping more 1k sons. So, take Straken's 4 power weapon wounds inflicted into the squad, and take away the dread's 2 kills + 1 explosion kill (on strak's squad), and you've got a 5 swing on the combat res.

    Actually, to be fair, straken's results on a WS vehicle would have come into play, so it would have been less of a swing - forgot those counted for res. It simply would have been one more for his wound (the one that 2 x 2'ed and so didn't do anything to the dread), and 3 more for the ones taht wouldn't have died, still enough of a swing for a statistical clear.

    In any event, truths abound.