Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thousand Sons Terminators Part 3

Working updating more often, but a busy week at work... I hate playing catchup!

I know the Gold looks a little rough, one of the downsides of using a GW gold mix, but once it's washed and highlighted it will clean up. Some more WIP shots in the next couple days, The bodies and heads are finished, working on modeling the arms.


  1. how many techmarines did you use??

  2. 10 so far

    1 Body from the Thurderfire Cannon
    7 Bodies from the Direct Only
    2 Bodies from the box set....

    I have another 10 waiting for attention... (Aka have been stripped, flash trimmed and thats it)

    Most of these guys I have picked in trade, off ebay as poorly painted figures I stripped and cleaned up, and the last few from a couple of the reasonably priced Bitz sites that have stock.

  3. Pretty crazy man. Will look great though when you are finished.