Friday, April 8, 2016

Funko Pop! Fallout 4- #49 | Repaint, Conversion and general fun Part 2



First things first things first I need a Mini-gun!

Well this is actually a suit of T-60 Power armor, but it's a great action shot.

 So I like the Tri-Barrel look a great deal more, but I wanted to make it as cannon as possible, because you know, "Nerd" reasons, so this is what I am modeling.

 Now I am not a great sculptor presently, but I can Kitbash the hell out of 40k bits.

 A little time with the bits boxes and this is what I think will work.

So what we have here is:
Imperial Guard Leman Russ Punisher Cannon (Center right. glad I found one in my bits box)
-  Imperial Guard Leman Russ Tread Wheel (Center top and bottom)
-  Forge World "Vent" (Top left corner)
-  Blood Angels Bit (Think it's from one of the tanks, not pictured here, but later on)
-  Imperial Guard "something" I think.
Can Anyone tell me what this is from?

 Rough Dry Fit

Little Greenstuff cleanup

 And Finally the start of the Right and Left hand Grips

Ignore the helmet in the background.. That's the next Post!





Thursday, April 7, 2016

Funko Pop! Fallout 4- #49 | Repaint, Conversion and general fun Part 1

Funko Pop! Fallout 4 #49 | Repaint, Conversion and general fun Part 1

And now for something completely different!

Seriously, long boring stories but have had no time or interest in the hobby that got me into painting or converting in a long, long time. 

I've been enjoying the hell out of Fallout 4 however, and I got the inspiration to do a repaint, which turned into the desire to do a couple conversions and repaints (when do I not convert things?).

The base? Well the title covers it, Funko Pop! Fallout 4 #49
One of the core quests of the game nets you your first suit of Power Armor, helping the Minutemen in Concord. Equipped with a Minigun and a heavily worn and damaged suit of T-45 Power Armor you go to battle with a group of Raiders laying siege to the building your in, and then have an Epic fight vs. a Deathclaw.

I've never "owned" one of these, got one in a swag bag, another in a Lootcrate, but never opened one.
Cool figure, tons of mold lines, good head articulation, otherwise just a blob of low detail vinyl

First challenge is disassembly:

Finding a couple articles online they all suggested a bath for 3-5 minutes in extremely hot water, but I wanted to remove the head without popping the "disk" off the head forcing me to reglue it.

I microwaved about 4 cups of water in a glass bowl for 5 minutes, then soaked the model for 5 minutes, and with a little care it came off without any problems.

The arms didn't want to budge, just bend so I dunked it in cold water, flexed and the glue bonds broke.

The Laser Rifle was a bit of a pain, ended up slowly cutting it free. Hoping to use this in a different conversion, later on if I actually enjoy the process.

And finally I decided I could likely do better "pipping" so I removed the overly cartoony o2 hoses.
Broken down I actually really like the figure, it's got great pegs for arm attachment, the way the gun connects makes sense and hope it follows on other models and reposing should be pretty easy.

More soon... I won't promise but likely tomorrow.