Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WIP Space Marine Bikes Part 3

Last set of 8, before primed and finial detail added.
Some WIP Painting pictures shortly, started this past week and trying to put in at least an hour or two a night while I am in the hotel. I am defiantly considering trying the airbrush for the next 16

Friday, September 24, 2010

WIP Space Marine Bikes Part 2

Taking a couple minutes during my lunch break while in training to post the next 8. Each horse is converted a little differently to addition enough flavor to make every one unique

To answer a quick email question, they goal is full bike squads of 9, the Attack Bike is currently in proto-type stage, and photos up soon of that.

More soon!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

WIP Space Marine Bikes Part 1

Just a quick update while on my lunch break. Issued a new work laptop and cell today, still in training with Wincor-Nixdorf and overall enjoying the positive outlook this company had... But to the 40k!

 I started these "bikes" about a year ago, and have slowly been converting them since then, I rushed to finish and prime them to take with me to Texas, as I have had the most downtime yet since getting into the hobby almost 2 and half years ago!

 Using Warriors of Chaos Knights as a base, I have removed or disguised all the chaos iconography, added bionics and in general tried to make them fit into the 41st millennium

 I will put up a couple posts in the next three days with all 24 of the converted horses before I primed them, and some additional WIP as I start painting them tonight.

The first 8, attack bikes will be something a little different!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

WIP Kor’sarro Khan Part 3

A little behind in both my projects and posts..
The job that has slowly wearing me down for years is as of tomorrow behind me. Of course before quitting I found another one, similar field, just should be less hours, fewer weekend and I am hoping a more normal end of day...

But enough of the boring stuff, working slowly on the Khan conversion, the hardest part so far has been the head. I am trying for a Jackal look, going for an Anubis Lord as my Khan. Using  a Space Wolf Wolf Pack Marine wolf head as a base I am making some progress.

I shaved down the snout a bit, added a pin and built up the muzzle with Green Stuff, followed by two thin layers of Grey Stuff. After that I have slowly carved out the "snout" and the muzzle line to try and make a clean jawline  The ears were small pieces of sprue shaved down, and then using plastic glue bounded to the head. I again used Grey Stuff to smooth out and try and blend the ears in for a smooth look. The two ears are in slightly different poses for a more asymmetrical look.

Still a WIP, but suggestions welcome!