Thursday, September 23, 2010

WIP Space Marine Bikes Part 1

Just a quick update while on my lunch break. Issued a new work laptop and cell today, still in training with Wincor-Nixdorf and overall enjoying the positive outlook this company had... But to the 40k!

 I started these "bikes" about a year ago, and have slowly been converting them since then, I rushed to finish and prime them to take with me to Texas, as I have had the most downtime yet since getting into the hobby almost 2 and half years ago!

 Using Warriors of Chaos Knights as a base, I have removed or disguised all the chaos iconography, added bionics and in general tried to make them fit into the 41st millennium

 I will put up a couple posts in the next three days with all 24 of the converted horses before I primed them, and some additional WIP as I start painting them tonight.

The first 8, attack bikes will be something a little different!


  1. That's some really ambitious and thorough conversion work right there!

    ...and you made 24 of them? That's just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. @MTD, No Horsey!

    @b.smoove, Thanks! Took the better part of a year, on and off.. starting the painting this week!