Thursday, September 9, 2010

WIP Kor’sarro Khan Part 3

A little behind in both my projects and posts..
The job that has slowly wearing me down for years is as of tomorrow behind me. Of course before quitting I found another one, similar field, just should be less hours, fewer weekend and I am hoping a more normal end of day...

But enough of the boring stuff, working slowly on the Khan conversion, the hardest part so far has been the head. I am trying for a Jackal look, going for an Anubis Lord as my Khan. Using  a Space Wolf Wolf Pack Marine wolf head as a base I am making some progress.

I shaved down the snout a bit, added a pin and built up the muzzle with Green Stuff, followed by two thin layers of Grey Stuff. After that I have slowly carved out the "snout" and the muzzle line to try and make a clean jawline  The ears were small pieces of sprue shaved down, and then using plastic glue bounded to the head. I again used Grey Stuff to smooth out and try and blend the ears in for a smooth look. The two ears are in slightly different poses for a more asymmetrical look.

Still a WIP, but suggestions welcome!


  1. I think its looking pretty good man, I would round the edges of the snout, but seeing as its WIP I figure you'll be doing that. This brings me back to the Anubis-Guard from Stargate :D.

  2. Siiide note, I just read all of that SVDM shit and it makes me want to vomit blood on all of those people and light them on fire. You cheating is comical to me, yes you have your cheese and you like to win, but who gives a fuck. Its a competitive game about winning and losing is it not? I hate people who bitch after losing hard core.

  3. @Tyr's-Vanguard,

    Thanks! The stargate Anubis is one of the core pieces of art I am using as a base, I don't think I am going to be able to do the full head crest, mainly because it won't fit on the model..

    Oh the Blood of Kittens stuff? Thanks... Allot of it is BS, but people might have a point about me being too aggressive in some instances. I am trying however to be a kinder, gentler cheesemonster...

  4. If winning wasnt important there wouldnt be prizes. Or more importantly Tears.

  5. congrats on getting a new... hopefully less stressful job.

    The head looks good, and definitely reminded me of the Anubis Stargate stuff.