Monday, August 9, 2010

WIP Kor’sarro Khan Part 2

Only had about 90 minutes tonight, work is what it is...

Tore down the orginal leg in a fashion I should be able remake it if needed, and started a new one.

Mold lines still need to be cleaned up, I like the flow, and love the Stealth Suit Hoof, great suggestion guys.



  1. Much better. The hoof worked out, eh? Glad to hear it. Have you seen Musings of a Metal Mind? check it out could be a good source of inspirations.

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  3. Are you going to add any other robotic silly nonsense? I think the one leg is awesome, but you might wanna brainstorm up some more bio-mechanical love to reinforce that itsarobot. Unless you already have some planned out!

    Perhaps a rip on its flank that you can see gears through, like battle damage or what not?


  4. @OSH,

    Thanks! Musings of a Metal Mind? Will check it out!


    Prob not much more, want it to be "clean" and not too cluttered. It's not actually supposed to be a robot, but a cyborg=-)

    Hmmm second suggestion adding something to the flanks, will have to look into it!


    Check it out.