Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AdMech Factory Ruins: 120mm Ovals / Risen from the dead (OMG D3 ate my soul….)

I know I know it’s been over 2 months… Between a little bit of burn out lingering from The Colonial and a massive addiction to Diablo 3 (seriously it’s like heroin for me) I have had zero “time” for the hobby.
I admit I have a problem… First step right?
In an attempt to break the habit I spent a couple days working on the long overdue 120mm Admech Ovals. Speaking of thank you all(who provided it) for the feedback, I made several solid design changes in the this release.
First I made sure to leave enough clean and clear area to easily mount the Games Workshop Flyers. The Egyptian ovals can fit flying stands, but I will admit it takes a little work.
Second I cleaned up the lines, design and flow a little bit more vs the first release. This is both to allow for quicker painting and to help make sure they cast with less effort!
Now these are WIP, and I noticed some of the details didn’t show up (white plasticard on white plasticard? Shocking) but feedback please!