Friday, September 24, 2010

WIP Space Marine Bikes Part 2

Taking a couple minutes during my lunch break while in training to post the next 8. Each horse is converted a little differently to addition enough flavor to make every one unique

To answer a quick email question, they goal is full bike squads of 9, the Attack Bike is currently in proto-type stage, and photos up soon of that.

More soon!


  1. Have you considered giving some of the horses bionic eyes or anything along those lines? Might be a good way to cover up the eye sockets that are chaos symbols.

    Other wise things are looking great so far.

  2. @HuronBH,
    Some of them do have Bionic eyes, hard to see in some of the photos, but close up in person you can see them. I left some of the casual icons on there, almost impossible to remove them all. I have "Blinders" over most of the 8 point star eyes, the armor grills / bubbles (I know they are nurgelish, but I like them)

    Thanks BTW!

  3. You know my thoughts on the attack bikes. I'm still thinking about alternatives. Scorpions run by servitors, dog packs pulling a chariot, maybe just a horse drawn WW1 like artillery gun.

    More ponies!