Friday, April 8, 2016

Funko Pop! Fallout 4- #49 | Repaint, Conversion and general fun Part 2



First things first things first I need a Mini-gun!

Well this is actually a suit of T-60 Power armor, but it's a great action shot.

 So I like the Tri-Barrel look a great deal more, but I wanted to make it as cannon as possible, because you know, "Nerd" reasons, so this is what I am modeling.

 Now I am not a great sculptor presently, but I can Kitbash the hell out of 40k bits.

 A little time with the bits boxes and this is what I think will work.

So what we have here is:
Imperial Guard Leman Russ Punisher Cannon (Center right. glad I found one in my bits box)
-  Imperial Guard Leman Russ Tread Wheel (Center top and bottom)
-  Forge World "Vent" (Top left corner)
-  Blood Angels Bit (Think it's from one of the tanks, not pictured here, but later on)
-  Imperial Guard "something" I think.
Can Anyone tell me what this is from?

 Rough Dry Fit

Little Greenstuff cleanup

 And Finally the start of the Right and Left hand Grips

Ignore the helmet in the background.. That's the next Post!






  1. The conversion is looking good, I like the use of the tank treds as the ammo feed, fits nicely in there.

  2. Thanks! Was trying to find a balance between scratch built and bits, and the resin treads were surprisingly easy to form with a little head.

    I've been slacking on posts but hope to have another one or two this week.