Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thousand Sons Terminators Part 2

Sorry for the delay, The weather in Greater Washington D.C. area took a turn for the worse. Between the lost power, almost 4 feet of snow (as of tonight, total accumulation) I got a bit behind…. One would think this would create the perfect storm for sitting down and finishing some mini’s…

So what do you get when you combine a Techmarine, Thousand Sons CSM, a few Dark Angels bits, Terminators, Magnets and a bit of plasticard?????

A Thousand Sons TechTerminator!!!

The first generation of this used the popular Pre-Heresy Terminator shoulderpad conversion that’s floating around on the web, as seen in the picture, however after completing 10 sets of these, carefully gluing, cutting and shapping I found that is a huge flaw in this style of shoulderpad… The first time I primes the WIP Figures the cardboard ”sprawed”.. It warped, stretched, and got fuzzy...

After hurling a mini against the wall (kidding) I stripped all the figures as best I could, and restarted. After a little trial and error I ended up this time using a simpler shoulderpad design, and using very thin plasticard layered together. I lost some of the WIP photos from the second generation shoulderpad without paint, but as I am progressing this is what the ended up looking like.

The shoulders were a multi step process. I got into Microsoft paint and designed the basic online using the Pre-Heresy Shoulderpad TuT as a basis for my starting point. I copied and pasted the image into Word, cloned the image 10 times, and loaded 0.010 mm thick plasticard into my inkjet printer... After some trial and error I realized that if I clear coated the sheet as soon as I pulled it from the printer it would bind the printers ink almost instantly without altering the image at all. I then followed the Tut, the only exception is using 0.020mm plasticard as the second layer of the shoulders. . To bend the plasticard I heated it in boiling water and curled it around a brush head while dunking it in cooler water.

More soon!


  1. That is a whole load of awesome. Where are the magnets?

  2. Arms/ shoulders, for quick and easy weapon swaps. I have a second set I am protyping that would have back and shoulder magnets for swappable rocket pods / assault or reaper cannon.

  3. Nice to see the tutorial worked and you were able to go at it with plasticard.
    I think my original attempts with plasticard were a fail because I was using too thick of a material.
    Nice work.

  4. @ RonSaikowski, Great suggestion, when I start my second batch I will do that with a number of photos, list of supplies, etc. Regardless tonight I will provide links to the plasticard I used.