Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Adeptus Mechanicus Project

 WIP Part 1
Starting with a basic paint scheme I started to play around with the “Prototype” Admech warrior.. I only call him a prototype, considering I have 40+ fully assembled and another 70 staged, because as I mentioned before this is the model I plan to use to test the paint pallet on.

I did end up taking some of the provided advice, trimming off "most" mold lines etc..
Basic black basecoat, using Dupl-Color Black Sandable Primer

Mud Brown Zenithal Highlight (trying)

Shinning Gold, which I washed with a brown Ink.

"Power Plant"
 After taking the photos I noticed a couple places to touch up (Macro photos are great for catching mistakes!)

Mid way through the detail work, highlights etc.

Feedback VERY welcome, as always.

Thoughts on color combo's? Image of 150 of them acrossed the table from you..

Base color? Planning to use the Admech Ruins bases I posted a couple weeks ago..


  1. I love the suttle use of a primes pallette (Red, Blue-Tarnish, Yellow-Aged Gold). I think the only thing that catches my eye as "off" is the backpack. In comparison of the rest of the model it's very clean. Almost as if the bot aged and corroded seperate of the power pack. (I imagine a product of being painted seperately)

    As for how they look in multiples of 100+ I can only guess at. I think a uniform aged look will keep them all together and show a legion esk style. I think conversions will be needed across all to prevent static modeling but all in all I would go for it!

  2. @Tao,

    Thanks for the feedback and good eye! The "Powerplant" does stand out, and I guess that begs the question go with the idea that they are the "valuable part and stored separately or age it further!

    Every model has subtle conversions and using 14 different bodies to add variety

  3. I think you might want to lightly hit the edges with some chainmail. The metal is lacking a layer or two of depth.

    Every time I look at the weapon arm I keep thinking the arm is on backwards because the elbow is pointing the wrong way.

    Overall it will be very cool.

  4. I like everything except the green on his head. It makes it look way too Necron, unless that's what you're going for.

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  6. @DC Lawyer

    "The color scheme works well. Individually the colors are understated but together it makes the little things (eye(?), highlighting on the armor, etc) really stand out.

    Just curious, what codex will these "counts as"?"

    Goal is non-Power Armour, so Necrons, IG, maybe Tau (the vehicles will pull it together) and thanks!

  7. @Chip,

    A little bit, theme behind it was a salvaged Necron Harvester ship, so using some necron bits in the conversion of Skatarii

  8. Really like the color scheme, though Chip makes a good point. I like how the blue highlights on the armor really pops out.

    Out of curiosity, what codex will you use for this army?

  9. @The Mik,

    Thanks, I will bring them in sometime soon to get first had feedback...

    Anything I want!!