Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Adeptus Mechanicus Project

 I have been saving bits, bobs, drawing sketches and planning this out for the whole 3 years I have been in the hobby. The insanity includes collecting over 200 servo-skulls from every line (25mm, battlefleet gothic, forge world and even the inquisitorial scale); 155+ “power plants” and practically thousands of bits to make this happen.
 The standard trooper will be a universal non-power armored solider, based on skitarii and inspired by the gorgeous artwork Games Workshop has given us.. The goal is STC repeatable model that stand out from the crowd and fits in with my love of Egyptian themed art. This was the 5 minute proof of concept I used as a basis so don’t judge too harshly.
From this spawned the weapon conversions that I had cast up 180+ times (personal use only)

 One hundred and ten models are in the middle of the phase of conversion and construction, and this model will be the paint test model to pick a scheme..

This will be my "Swiss Army Knife” which I have hopes of being one of the ultimate “Counts As” armies in the tournament circuits ….
 I am excited to post WIP photos as I work through the bugs and complete the first several…

In the meantime I plan to post detailed photos of my Egyptian based Thousand Sons bikers


  1. I have seen these in person and I can say they are amazing. I cannot wait to see the test model painted up and based. Each one of the guys in unique from another in some way making the scale of this project truly epic.

    Keep the pics flowing!

  2. While Ad Mech isn't my thing, I think these models will be pretty sweet once finished. At present they are a little rough with mold lines visible, and slight mix of imagery (egyptian, gothic and mechanical), I think it's an awesome start. Stick to it! Many of my projects have been false starts due to life's other demands...but you seem to have the diligence to finish something truly great here.

  3. @Psybilliah,

    Great feedback! I actually want the mash-up. Admech (from what I have read) co-op, blend, steal and practically orkify and I am trying to capture that. I have Servo-Skulls on a Egyptian body. Clean Bionic limbs I plan to paint a different color to accentuate the differences
    As for the mold lines, I plan to leave alot on the models, and HIGHLIGHT them!! I am going for a "brass-stamped" look, and it might be lost on some people / judges but with some good fluff and writeup I am hoping it will look good once done.

  4. Gotcha about the mix...but the mold-lines, I really wouldn't suggest purposefully leaving them on. They are evil little things that must rooted out and destroyed utterly, without question. I fear they wouldnt create the brass stamped look you want and you'd just wish you'd have removed them.

  5. Hi, I know this post is old but I really like those backpacks but have no idea where there from. Was wondering if someone could please point me in the right direction. On a separate note, those models look awesome :)

  6. Thanks!
    I've been slacking on 40k of late.
    Backpacks are Imperial Guard / Astra whatever Vox packs cut down.


    1. Thanks buddy. Especially for the quick response. :D

  7. Really imaginative conversions - out of interest, what kind of Egyptian model are these based on? They look like Tomb Kings but I can't place the model itself. Cheers

  8. Sorry for the delayed response, adulting and all.

    Not touched these in a while but Models are a bit of a bash.
    -Tomb Kings Tomb Guard
    -Adeptus Titanicus Arms converted (I got my hands on a ton of the weapon sprues when the local bunker closed.
    -40k Servo Skulls
    -Misc gubbins and bits