Friday, December 23, 2011

New Round of Bases.... AdMech Factory Ruins

Adeptus Mechanicus Bases!!

Sorry for the delay in posts, I won’t bore you with all the “fun” things I have keeping me busy at the moment but I am hoping to make a couple big announcements in the next several weeks..
Bases are WIP pre-cast. I did a nice sloppy wash to bring up some of the details due to the white on white plasticard work.





I am really happy with the 60mm and the 40mm bases, “like” the bike’s and am as happy with the 25mm’s as I can be… The small size and making them generic enough to fit any type of standard foot on them is pretty restrictive.
The 120mm Ovals are coming in the next two weeks, I ran out both the base size and time for this production run.
As always feedback welcome!

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