Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Adeptus Mechanicus Inquisition Lord Part 1

So it’s been over a week, but in my defense I developed a case of the creeping crud that’s making the rounds, and I personally find it hard to hobby or paint with a hacking cough, well unless you enjoy loads of blood or miniatures that appear to have been painted by someone with palsy.

A while ago I picked up in trade a great figure that should fit the overall theme of my army fairly well, inspired in part by this art.

With the idea I wanted some Techie and Necronie (is that a word?) I dug up The Necron Lord VargardObyron I acquired. 

Now the reason I got it for a steal was it happened to be another example of Games Workshops newish flagship, the ever debatable Finecast.

 With extensive damage to the right side of his head, massive bubbles in both arms, wafer thin feet and finally crazy mold issues with his pelvis and tabard he was an obvious choice for some major conversion work.
 Of course should have taken some photos, but I got excited and went to town with the Dremel and hobby knife and only afterwards remember I was trying to blog again.

Ok, post up.. WIP's soon of the conversions

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