Friday, March 1, 2013

Colonial This weekend! A New Addition to the army

I said I would never use Devastators....
But with the addition of Allies, and most importantly Dark Angels breathing new life into my bike army I found a excuse to build some new models and add some overdue AP2 love to my force.
Whole Squad:

One by one:
Hieroglyphics's are a pain at this scale with a brush
The Plasma Cannon is converted from the CSM Terminator Lord 2 Kai Gun. Converted originally for my Terminators they are perfect for these guys. I am not sure if it's still in the blister pack, but it's a great looking weapon!
The Gloss and Matt coat's pulled down some of the wet blending, highlights and dulled the metal a bit, but I am hard on my figures and it's required. All of them are fully magnetized, with the Sergeant's wrist as well to allow for easy combi-weapon swaps in the future. I'm not super happy with the Plasma effect but out of time. If I get better with the airbrush in the future I might try Plasma glow I have seen a couple examples of.
The Colonial is a great event, and rusty or not I am looking forward to it, as 5 games, win or lose are great fun and something I have not gotten to do in months. Goal is 3-1-1, anything above that would be gravy. Below are the previous years BatReps.

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