Monday, March 4, 2013

A Second new addition to my army: Librarian on Bike

I know "Bike" is a stretch but I love the Games Workshop Horses.
"Thoth"is my take on a Librarian on bike, a conversion that sat half finished for nearly a year before I got back to him. Thankfully the often vaunted Dark Angels provide a superior Librarian for a significant reduction in points costs.
 Keeping with the Egyptian theme of the army I wanted a weapon flexible enough to count as either a force axe or sword depending on the needs of the list.

Jackal of course is a wound counter.
Hieroglyphics's are difficult without cheating and using a Micron!
Finally finished for the 3rd Annual BWG First Blood, he is one of the first new additions, Slowing adding to army, and trying to keep the energy up.
Feedback always welcome!