Monday, July 5, 2010

Thousand Sons Terminators Part 10... Finished, for now...

The final hurdle has been reached, I finished the six storm shield arms for the first ten Thousand Sons Tech Terminators. It feels good to be finished, and I'll be honest I am frustrated with how much I procrastinated on this conversion project.

Build with the 10 bodies, designed to be loyalist or renegade I have a number of weapon options
x7 Force Stave's / Thunderhammers
x6 Storm Shields
x2 Chain Fists
x2 Power Fists
x5 Sets of Lighting Claws, all converted for a variety of poses
x2 Combi-Melta (x4 more to be created with the next batch)
x2 Combi-Plasma (x4 more to be created with the next batch)
x2 Heavy Flamers
x2 Reaper / Assault Cannon (conversion combining the 2 for a more unique weapon)

Left out is the classic Cyclone Missile Launcher, and normal "power weapons" which should be in the next batch of weapons.

Assault Cannon / Reaper Autocannon

And of Course Stormshields

Feedback is very welcome, I am planning on making another 20 of these, for a total of 30! I have been collecting Techmarine bodies for this project for almost 2 years (only been in the hobby for two and half!) and still need a few more before starting the next batch..


  1. Great job Dameon. I am looking forward to seeing them at one of the events coming up this summer.

  2. @HuronBH,

    Thanks, I am waiting to transport until I can get some foam cut (maybe slurge for battlefoam custom cut!)...

    As for use, honestly Chaos Terminators are great, but currently with the Daemonhunter allies, of limited use as they get blown up deepstriking... Maybe I will have to break from convention and use them anyways.. What a little Lascannon fire when your 2+/4+ with extra bodies to soak wounds!

  3. Thought I posted a comment yesterday but I don't see it here. Looks awesome. I really think your painting skills have a reached a new level. I especially like the shields. Can't wait to see these at the open. They have inspired me to build my squad of Broadsides to the next level.

  4. @OSH,

    Thanks a ton Tim!

    I won't lie, playing next to your Tau drives me to build and paint better "little men" (what the Fiancee calls them!)

    Cannot wait to see the Broadsides and let me know if I can help @ all bitz wise!

  5. Hmm Looks like a attempt to get extra cover bonuses to me. :-)

  6. @Nanteen,

    Guilty as charged... err I mean I don't know what your talking about... dang man, always a Griefer!


    I thought my Thousand Sons Termies came out good...but yours, holy crap. I painted mine Thousand Sons colors and put the verical blue/yellow lines to make up for the fact I don't have the Thousand Sons headpieces. I now wish I had a steadier hand so I wouldn't be too ashamed to post a pic. I paint well, but not freehand straight lines...

    Nevertheless, awesome work dude.

  8. @Batmanners,

    Thanks a bunch!

    About painting in a striaght line. I got a chance to sit down with Tim Lison once, and actually had the same problem (Painting in a straight line) and even though I have a ways to go I have gotten better following his simple advice..

    Draw a straight line as often as possible, side by side, as long as straight as possible. Fill a page or two every couple days and the muscle memory you get will help you with painting cleanly.


  9. That is awesome work! Where are the shields from? I cant seem to find them.

  10. Thanks!
    Shields are from a OOP Crocodile games bit!