Friday, July 16, 2010

A Crisis adverted and proof gamers are great people....

These are photos of my cars window….
Lastnight, the day before the ‘Ard Boyz finals, someone broke in and stole my 2500 SM army, just my army and nothing else……
Insult to injury about2/3 of the army was borrowed from Gamesmith, so it was not even mine…

What is a Fledgling ‘Ard Boyz finalist going to do when confronted with the task of missing out on the once a year finals?

He is going to call out to the community! With in hours of posting my plight on the Inner Circle Forums a few of the local games stepped up and loaned me almost 95% of everything I need, going as far as doing weapon swaps on they own models to make them fit into my army list!! It took 11 hours of driving, building and basing, but I will be able to game on!
If nothing else this proves gamers are good people…
A quick thank you, Win, Lose, or Draw, to…


Gamesmith, MTD, and Seth…

And finally Showcase comics, where ‘Ard Boyz is being held, they made it clear if I was missing anything they would do their best to make sure I could borrow models to get to the table WYSIWYG

Updates tomorrow or Sunday, W/L/D...


  1. WTF??!?!?!?!?

    Dameon, I cannot believe what I am seeing. This is the most effed up thing I have ever seen. What are you missing I can loan it to you?

  2. The Emperor protects. You just rolled a SIX!

  3. Good luck in today. Wish I had read your post yesterday morning, I could supplied the dreads.


  4. curses my attempt to remove a top tier player from the tourny foiled. I would have gotten away with it too, if not for those kids and their dog !!!!!

  5. 9th overall...

    First round...table orcs turn 3 (max points)

    Second round, Major defeat, actually switched dice with the SW's player, he had amazing dice.. Lost because of 4 (2 in turn 2, 2 in turn 4) wacky morals... Four times I poped 2 out of 8 guys, (just shot meltas to weaken squad before charge) and in both instances he failed the moral, and fell back atleast 8 inches to take me out of charge range... I should of (could of would have) won vs him.... Dice rule all! After a night to think on it, I realize as well a couple mistakes I made that could have changed the pace of the game…

    Third Round Daemons, major victory.... inquisitor was shot and killed by the commissar for only rolling 4 times out of 12 possible to hit when deepstriking... and he was never more then 14 inches away!!!! (well once) Highlight of the game is when x2 5 man stormtrooper squads charged 2 wounded Juggies and WON combat wipping the squad...

    Clealy this was not an epic quest like the Odyssey where I was destined to win... Was a ton of fun overall, 3 good foes!

    Thanks again

  6. @All but Nanteen,

    Thanks for the support guys,seriously!

    @Nanteen, wait till those meddlesome teans unmask you!

  7. Hey dude, sorry to hear about your stuff. That happened to my buddy, they got into his trunk and stole his Space Wolves and Tau armies. A huge loss. As for the Tac, if you feel like mailing it cool, my email is jawaballs at hotmail. I will be at Gamesday, I have a club table. So you can just hand it off to me there too. No big. Thanks for being thoughtful!

  8. I've got a whole bunch of marine bikes and thunderfire cannons for sale if anyone wants them cheap.

  9. A real man knows how to handle this...

    ****Dials 911****

  10. Oh. Did I mention they were for Epic?

  11. Brutal man. You should run volts through your car at night so any fool who touches it is knocked unconscious. Let them feel the wrath of Dameon Green!