Thursday, March 1, 2012

AdMech Factory Ruins: First batch in Part II, WIP Trooper

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Overall pleased with how the second series of bases came out. I learned a lot about the mold making material we use (aka how much detail is can reproduce), most importantly every imperfection needs to be cleaned up before we cast.
Honestly I thought it would only take an hour or two to paint up all of the bases, between airbrushing the base coats on and a “simple” drybrush or two, but the more I worked with them the more fun I had! I spent 7 hours start to finish painting all of the bases yesterday while sitting at the bunker. I still need a better photo booth or post production program.
Duplicolor Black auto primer
Vallejo Model Air Steel (1:1 mix with airbrush medium)
Games Workshop Badab Black wash (1:1 mix with airbrush medium)
Games Workshop Chainmail drybrush.
Greens: Games Workshop Dark Angels, Goblin, Snot
Blacks: Games Workshop Chaos Black, Codex Grey
Rust Effect: Game Workshop Scorched Brown, Vallejo Copper, water (4:1:3)
Oil Effect: Games Workshop Gryphon Sepia, Dublin Mud
Verdigris: Games Workshop Hawk Turquoise, Dark Angels Green, water (4:1:10)
Base Rim: Games Workshop Dark Flesh.

And my AdMech trooper

I would love feedback, both on this line and suggestions on what you would like to see next. Last how do you think my AdMech trooper looks on the base.


  1. They look great Dameon. Seeing them in real life makes a big difference, but the pictures came out good. The bases are amazing!

  2. they look great... I recently ordered some of the egyptian bases from ebay...

  3. That's great, and thanks! Have them in your hands yet and what did you think of them?

  4. They arrived and are great... some of them are a little on the high side for my liking, but they will work needless to say. Debating on if I am going to glue on a metal washer as I normally do. they are gorgeous either way.

    Have anything in planning that is more chaos based?

  5. Thanks for the feedback! High side as in too tall? Too much on the base?

    They drill well, I added N42 1/8inch x 1/16 inch magnets to mine to sit on a display board

  6. Excellent stuff. Heard your interview on 11th company podcast. I'm with the Berks-PA Gaming Club. Would like to see about getting a set or two of your bases for prizes for a tournament I am running in Pennsylvania. By all means feel free to contact me. Our tournament is called: Berks Spring Assault.

  7. Weird, first post vanished..
    You can contact me through eBay, gmail (on herbs site) or through the Beltway Gamers