Monday, February 27, 2012

MaxMini Large Shoulder pads (10) Review

Without wasting too much time on the reasons (found here) I am looking for a good shoulder pads to save time with upcoming conversion projects.
After a disappointing first dip into the market, I looked forward to the MaxMini shoulderpads. First the 10 pack includes x5 sets, and it appears to ship with one of each of their five styles.  You can however specially request one or more styles per pack per purchase which is a nice option. 
I again went to eBay, mainly to avoid international shipping times. Also I picked up two sets, just in case, at $8.50 per. The seller repacked the bits to cut down on space, but I hear MaxMini has great packaging.
As listed there were 5 different sets. No mold release (unlike most Forge World I have purchased!) The detail work is nice, but as the photos reveal they lack crispness. Additionally unlike the Micro Art Studios I found many defects in both packages. Almost all of them could be cleaned up pretty quickly.
Of the five styles only two fit well, with a breakdown from left to right.

1) Would not fit at all, would need a decent amount of material removed.
2) Really tight fit, even heated the crown of the pad cracked when I attempted to spread it.
3) Fit perfectly, a little thin on material. (First picture)
4) Would not fit, rides a little high (Second picture), a good look however.
5) Good fit, seems a bit small.

Great second foray into market, but I think I will have to keep looking for the perfect bit.
3 out of 5 stars.

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