Monday, March 26, 2012

Micro Art Studio Status Markers #1 Review

Status Markers #1(5)

Another day, another review!
Playing competitively I am finding not having status markers in games a bit of a problem at times, more for my opponent then myself. A stunned vehicle shoots, a immobilized vehicle moves, and to be clear it’s all due to the frenetic pace of the game.
Looking for a paintable objective marker I quickly found the Micro Art Studio objective marker, unpainted resin, which allows me color match my armies. At $6.45 for 5 they were a bit pricy but looked amazing. I lucked out at my last event with a Warstore booth having stock and was able to purchase 4 sets of them avoiding international shipping delays and time.

A few quick thoughts:

1) Packaging was simple blister. Unsealed which can cause loss before they arrive.
2) Flash was moderate to heavy
3) Several miscasts (5) out of the twenty I purchased, this was in the form of either large bubbles or as pictured, extra resin marring the details completely on one side.
4) I did not receive a full set in two of the blisters, I got duplicates of weapon destroyed and immobilized. However fortuitous this may be it suggests someone else didn’t get these two markers and got extra wrecks instead.
5) Detail overall was exception, deep cast text will make painting them a pleasure.

Overall a bit disappointed, for the price point I expect something a little closer to perfection, Gale Force 9’s offering of Sci-Fi status markers are a much better bargain, x20 tokens (4 of each token).
Based on price, mismatched tokens, quality of casts I am going to have to give this product 1 out of 5 stars.

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