Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bases, new take an old idea crowding and in on already saturated market

I few months back I mentioned to some of the White Scar's guys I was looking to start a small side business (I have two currently plus my full time job... Not saying I have a a problem but...) and finally allot of the kinks are worked out!

We are using a different material that is cheaper, non-toxic, does not require mold release. It can be drilled and altered. Additionally is it much heavier then resin bases giving the figures a good amount of heft.
We have a first run of Egyptian 25mm rounds done. These were a bit of a rush job as I needed them cast and returned in multiples but I made up 20 different bases for the new Scouts (posts soon) the were featured for the first time at Blobs Park.

 40mm, 60mm and bike bases currently WIP.

They were painted using the same basic paint scheme as found here

The bases unpainted..

Feedback and suggested lines are VERY welcome..

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