Friday, December 24, 2010

WIP Space Marine Bikes Part 9 (basing continued)

Continuing the thread of trying for advanced basing…

Once the layout is done, the green stuff cured and the ”ruins” removed I begin the next stage… for which you need glue and Sand.

The Glue is basic White Glue, or “glue all” (see link), cheap, basic and effective.

The sand is a mixture of playground grade, hobby grade and some mixed leftover crud from the bottom of the terrain box giving a nice variety of sizes and shapes giving a more interesting and realistic look to the base. The Photo is overkill but it gives a good example of the different grits I am working with.

I start by applying a layer of white glue mixed 10 to 1 with water. A lot of people seem to vary on how much water to use but this is what works for me. Quickly, one base at a time I let sand sift through my fingers onto the base, twice letting a nice uneven layer build up, the second time around focusing on the light or bare spots. Once that stage is done I let the bases dry overnight, which believe it or not is key.

Once dry gently dust them off, using a large Dry Brush over the tub of sand, to save as much as possible. Check again for bare spots. If needed repeat the steps above

Then immediately prime with two solid layers (but don’t over do it) of a black primer.

Dupli-color Premium Sandable Primers are what I suggest for the following reasons;

1)It’s cheaper then Games Workshop primers, $5.20 vs $15.00, for about the same volume
2) It’s actually a primer instead of a spray paint.
3) Even though it’s a “gap filling” product as long as you do several light coats you will not loose any detail
4) For it’s price it’s a quality product! 15 minute dry time in perfect conditions.
5) Once dry, if you totally screwed up the project Simple Green will strip it right off
6) Last but not least, in Washington, DC’s variable climate, from humid to dry, frigid to broiling, I have just to have it bubble, crack, spit or cause any of the other headaches a lot of other products cause. I have sprayed in 20 degree weather, left it outside for an hour, finished the drying in another room and it's perfect

A special thanks goes to my good friend, The Brotha, who turned me onto the product, oh and BTW the Hot-Rod black is actually a Matt color, just sound like a gloss product.

I then Drybrush the following colors in order:

And Finally Skull White (GW)

After that I go back and pick out any details I built into the bases (skeletons, broken weapons or armor)

Then Finally I add back on the ruins and other terrain bitz to finish the bases.

The finished product I am proud of, and now I can focus on building the riders.



  1. Wow man those are looking tight. Do you have the attack bike built yet?

  2. "Attack Bikes" are almost finished, trying to wrap up the standard bikes before going any futher with them!