Monday, December 20, 2010

WIP Space Marine Bikes Part 8 (basing continued)

Because I play in enough GT style tournaments and high quality basing can add those extra couple points to the total score to tip you over the edge I am trying to push the envelope.

I am making the squad’s bases interlocking puzzle pieces that I am hoping will really pop on a display board and should make everything look more dynamic.

I first lay out the pattern I want.

Then Build up the bases with Green Stuff, making anchors for the rocks and ruins.

The ruins have magnets drilled into the matching pieces, strong enough to attract but not enough to cause a problem when picking them up.

It does take alot longer per base set, but I think it's worth it, if your really trying to make your figures pop great basing helps!


  1. Fantastic idea. This is the sort of innovative and forward thinking idea that I'd be looking for if I were judging.

    Are those official GW bases you're using? I thought GW's had sloped sides...

  2. I am actually using the Dragon forge heroic bases, and they do have slightly beveled edges, very similar to the GW bases.

    Instead of 25mm x 70mm these are 40mm x 75mm. I need the extra width to fit the horses on the bases, with the posed marines, without bumping into one another.

  3. I'm in the market for some bike bases myself. I'll give them a gander. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Where are the Egyptian ruin pieces from?? did you make them?

    Looking great so far!!!

  5. Should of added could you email me with the info on the ruin pieces??


  6. @dragonforge,

    I am "kitbashing them" I have a gent I have been in contact with that has the molds for a bunch of egyptian terrain peices, I have purchased a bunch of painted peices I then smash into little bits and make into dynamic display bases!

    Email about to be sent out!