Monday, December 13, 2010

WIP Space Marine Bikes Part 7 (All your Bases Belong to me!)

I know I know it’s an over used gag, but I love it!

The “Bikes” themselves are done, working on basing them quickly before I build the Space Marine riders. The reason for that is I want as a dynamic set of poses as possible, and if I have the horses placed I can adjust the position of the arms, weapons, head etc with a greater degree of effect.

The bases themselves are Dragon Forge resin bike bases, the heroic sized 40mm x 75mm. I know this is slightly larger then the average bike base, but since I have seen bikes on the table bare to a 60mm round base I figure this will put me some place in the middle. The Attack Bike will be on the larger 60mm x 100mm base.

For those who claim I am modeling for advantage (as I get accused of almost weekly) I counter with the following.
1) The horses are just too damn big to fit and allow any posing of the figures.
2)Wait and see the massively intricate set of interlocking display bases I put on the table.
If you really believe I am putting this much effort forward to “cheat” through modeling I will never be able to convince you anyway!

I am adding between 2 and 8 magnets on each base, the display board I am planning to use will have a magnetic base, allowing easier and safer transport between games at the next tournament I field them at.




  1. I can think of one occasion when bigger bases are advantageous, when you are trying to screen enemy movement. Pretty much any other situation they are worse than having smaller bases.

    The attack bike is looking cool. Keep up the good work.

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  3. People have to have another reason why you beat them besides the fact that they lost and you are better than them.

    So you must be cheating.