Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bases, new take an old idea part II

With allot of feedback, a couple sales, bunches of questions and several feelers for the other bases for use with Necrons I rushed to finish the rest of the bases.
Keep in mind these are the WIP pictures, pre-prime and pre-cast. They don’t look like much but I am sending them out tomorrow for production and cannot wait to get them back, paint a few and put up the finished product.!

Bike Bases First of Course (working on 5 more)

40mm Rounds (11 Total)

60mm Bases (4 Styles, I had a ton of fun!)

And Finally 120mm Oval.. Great for Monsters and Flyers

I have several requests for Industrial and Ruins, working on those lines next! Additionally if you like making bases, want to make a couple hundred quickly and want to be immortalized in “resin” drop me a line!
Mention WhiteScars and get 15% off!
Last but not least here are links to the Pre-Order auctions on my eBay store..

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