Monday, March 22, 2010

Sorry for the technical difficulties...

We should be back on the air shortly!!

Sorry for the delay in posts, to be honest the St. Valentines Day Massacre, and fallout from it had me a bit sick of the game, the drama, and the backstabbing... It's supposed to be a fun hobby and for a couple days there I have to say, it seemed like a colossal waste of time and money...

Going forward:

 More posts, more photos, maybe a Tut or Two… More time spent on the hobby for the shear fun of it. Size be damned!


First off, I am bloody well brining am camera to every game from now, the disputes over “what was on the table were” is flipping ridiculous! No more having to defend a cover save, a photo is worth a thousand posts…

Slower play, since that seems to be a gripe with a lot of previous players..

A size chart FAQ Handout for all of my future opponents. It’s easy to say my models are large and in charge, time to prove it with some graphics…

Objectives with bases on them, and I might just get them GW approved like I did previously with my Defilers and Oblits

Learn the rules, read all the FAQ’s, and just be a badass when it comes to them….
In tourney games, I might become a bit of a hard-ass with the rules… The attempt to be fun and flexible seems to have backfired as I either get taken advantage of, or people complain later because I was not flexible with everything. The fact two different people complained about not being able to deploy infiltrators after they started the shooting phase (Keep in mind that means We rolled to seize the initiative, player one moved, and then wanted to deploy a unit they forgot about) and somehow I am evil for not letting it happen seems a bit mixed up.

Most importantly play to have fun…

Stay Tuned!!!


  1. Ah, cheer up lad!
    Remember, too, gaming is the smallest part of the hobby. The modelling, painting, blogging...we spend more hours doing those things than we do playing.

  2. To me the "fun" of playing in a tourny is
    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

  3. Hmmm, remember, most of these guy's don't have women to lament...

  4. Dameon, welcome to the reasons I quit playing 40K. LOL!

    I know I've been away from the store and haven't seen you in forever. Maybe I'll be around this week.

  5. Ah, but Dameon, don't you see? Now people will complain that you are using all these hoobejoobee explanations and slower play and charts to confuse and slowplay them.

    I can hear it now ...

  6. By women I was including their moms

  7. Those charts are a bad idea! and slower play is bad as well, I think you just have to call your rolls before thats all.

  8. @ OSH, oh sorry, I was talking to Ben and we were thinking of making some "size comparison" charts. Just so people can have a easy reference chart=-) kind of a CYA