Monday, April 5, 2010

Thousand Sons Terminators Part 5

Keeping the eye on the prize!

I am still working on these guys, slow but sure. I am finding that due to level of detail on the model I really need to spend allot of time focusing on bringing those details to light, it seems a shame to convert such an amazing model and not focus on all the little bits of gold the Games Workshop modeler worked right into the miniatures for me. Heck it’s half the reason I picked this model as the base for my Terminator force!

Building 10 of these at once is really pushing both my focus and skills to the limit.

Still alot of work to go, but I am trying to give myself atleast 30 minutes a day to paint, I figure if I set little goals for myself like I did for the 2008 Baltimore GT I can get these guys and the new army I have planned finished and painted for August!

More soon!


  1. Hey I like your work so far! the use of the techmarine bodies looks great with the added pre-heresy shoulder pads. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog to see the finished guys.
    If you haven't yet you should pick up the thousand sons book that just came out, I'm reading it now and it is probably one of the better heresy books.
    good luck with the rest of the painting!

  2. @D'nyarak,

    Thanks for the feedback! I am a slow painter so might be a couple more weeks before their all completed and based.

    Actually just finished it!! I really enjoyed the Thousand Sons book, I have to say I have been very surprised at the quality of alot of the Warhammer 40k fiction, very readable!

  3. Awesome work on your new Terminators, can't wait to see them finished!

  4. Man these are great.......any update photos?

  5. Thanks!
    Finished photos on part 10

    Nothing since then on these guys really need to make the next 10!