Friday, March 11, 2011

Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight Part 1 (actually in my hands!)

Sorry for the 2 week break in posts, a little post tournament burnout, I have been putting off posting the results and photos. Yesterdays trip to one of my local Games Workshop Stores really refreshed my love for the hobby!

Annapolis GW(Jennifer Square) is a single employee store run by a man with a serious love for the hobby, however being a one man store he is short on time, with a backlog of project to do. I offered to build and paint the “Black Box” Dreadknight for him, and I was shocked when he took me up on it!

Here are some photos of the build out, the primer is drying as I type, and painting begins in 20!

Questions and comments welcome, I am doing some mild conversions and will have a Dreadknight post build FAQ once done.

Here is a link the the store's Facebook page, Kurt does a great job in the store and works hard to build up the local community!


  1. I like the position of the sword. Cant wait for some more updates. Keep em coming!

  2. 2nd take.... are those electrical wires? Are we going to get some pretty lights?

  3. No lights, Kirt asked for a basic model and I only have 1 more day!