Thursday, February 3, 2011

WIP Space Marine Bikes Part 13


Finishing off the backpacks, sitting listening to a conference call for work and figured it would be a great time to post a follow up.

Worked with some wet blending and shading on "cloth" overall I think it looks better in person then the photos, but either way I like it.

Hieroglyphics are surprisingly hard to draw at this scale in metallic paints, I am finding black thinned down is fairly consistent in flow when thinned with either “Flow Aid” and or water, however metallic paints don’t seem to flow with a good amount of stability. The result is the GW Shinning Gold ends up a little more blobby then I would have preferred but it’s still better then I was a year ago.

Break down of the Hieroglyphics, which are a hybrid of correct cartouches and a 21st century modification for space, left to right on the panels:
  1. Khepri’s Eternal Legion
  2. Amun’s Horde
  3. Anubis’ Squadron
  4. 2/3/2011 completion date.

The decal is a pre-heresy Thousand Sons icon I found off some older 1996 era Space Marine decal sheets, perfectly sized for the banner top.

As always feedback welcome.


  1. What a cool touch! Dude, we gotta get these long fangs out the door....let's aim to have them up on Monday next week.

  2. Very nice. Got to say I am interested to see what I completed marine with look like all together.

  3. @OSH, email me, my work schedule is pretty flexable...

    @HuronBH, Thanks... going to Mike Clarks St Val Tourney? Hope to have them ready

  4. Dameon, the army is looking sexy. Been a while since i caught up with any of you crazy DW guys. You're painting is coming along nicely.

  5. Dameon, no, no St Vals this year for me. I will be running demos and trying new games at my local game store, Huzzah Hobbies that Saturday at their open game day. Also I haven't played much 40K since BfS Tournament last October. I need to get a new army up and running to help motivate me to hit the tournament circuit again this spring. BAs are likely, maybe something else.

  6. @AoM, Changed jobs and lost alot of contact data, shoot me an email sometime!

    @HuronBH, If you get a chance shoot me an email, would love to chat 40k.. Infact I am about to remake my lost landspeeders (from the stolen army) and wanted to ask you again about the conversion I think you did for the sensor pod for the gunners.