Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WIP Space Marine Bikes Part 12

Closing on the finish line!

Finishing up the torsos and the backpacks…

Primarily Space Marine Assault torso’s but also mixed in Red Scorpion Vanguard Veteran and Veteran Sergeant Cullan torsos I won last year at the  St. Valentines Day Massacre 40k GT at Showcase Comics. I was overall disappointed with the quality of the Forge World casts, with a lot of bubbles, “fuzz” and miscasts.


I went through about 6 different styles of power packs for the bikers, wanting to do something unique but It was pointed out by a couple good friends that overall is pulled away from the conversion work, was too big.

Once assembly is done it’s on to the Attack Bikes!

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  1. Don't know if you see this post still but where are those spears from. They would be perfict in the army I am building now