Friday, March 14, 2014

Adeptus Mechanicus HQ's Part I

Almost back on my feet (so to speak), still not painting but doing a bit of converting till I am back at 100%. The Adeptus Mechanicus force, especially if played as Imperial Guard will need a ton of “HQ’s”, between Sergeants, Command squads, and IC’s to avoid too much repetition conversions and a deeper pool will have to be drawn from than normal.

The base of this guy is the Adeptus Mechanicus Magos from the limited edition Skullz, I have been fortunate to pick a couple sets, a few of the figures were damaged or miscasts, this particular figure was missing the detail on the back of his head dress.

 After carefully decapitating him I dremlled out a hollow for a new head.

I damaged the tubing around his neck, so dug through the bits box to find a good set to use.

The Head is from the Forge World Servo Skull set.

It's my second attempt at sculpting a hood, and I will say again making smooth and clean looking cloth is harder then it looks!

Feedback is always welcome.


  1. Where did you get a resin version of that old Skullz program model? EBay?

  2. I am not sure I know what you mean...

  3. 100%, if you can let me know where you got that mini, I would appreciate it!
    I have an original (metal) one, and I am very close to chopping him up for his staff

  4. This was for personal use, to "test" and proof of concept.
    if you have an email / facebook I could IM would be happy to discuss.