Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Goodbye feeBay, hello BigCartel!!!!

eBay? Not if I can help it....

So many of us have used eBay at least once or twice over the last 10 years... Heck allot of us have used eBay as a primary source of discount or hard to find hobby related purchases..
Those who sell however know the "darker" side, the fee structure has increased, becoming less supportive of the casual eBayer and more focused on large scale business.. Their customer service is terrible and actually has a habit of defaulting to favor the buyer regardless of the actual facts of the case, so I am slow trying to ween sales away from eBay to my new site on BigCartel.
"Big Cartel provides you with your own independent store to sell your stuff online."
It's a friendly small business focused enterprise focused mainly on arts, crafts and hobby goodies and to try and lure those repeat customers over I am offering 10% to your first several orders using the code "SEEYOUEBAY123"
Of course it would help if I included a link to the store!
More Hobby posts soon, I promise!

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