Saturday, January 12, 2013

Released today! Codex: Dark Angels!

So I know it's been MONTHS since I last posted, and excuses are a dime a dozen, but there is nothing like a new Codex focusing on bikes to rekindle interest regardless of what's going on in the background...


First blush:
Games Workshop continues with the "Buy something new"... decreasing the cost on the models infrequently seen in DA armies, reasonable prices on some of the new toys.. This also means certain units got more expensive...
Leadership is base 8 on almost everything, requiring a 10 point upgrade for a Veteran Sergeant.


 What really matters for us....
1)Bike Squads "slightly cheaper", include Hit & Run, Scout, Grim Resolve... Making them a bargain IMHO.  2) No FA Attack Bikes, only purchased as part of Ravenwing Attack Squadron. Oh and they are 5 points more expensive

3) Land Speeders available as part of a full Ravenwing Attack Squadron or as Squadron's of 5. Typhoons are only a 25 point upgrade making them intriguing.

4) Super cheap Librarians, 85 points for a Mastery Level 1 on a bike.  

5) DarkShroud seems like a steal at 80 points. the increased survivability it gives your army in theory cannot be under estimated.
6) Sammael is so.. so good... He, for 5 points less, makes Khan look like a red headed step child... I mean COME ON!

Bottom Line:
I need to read this codex a couple more times... but many interesting new toys and possible builds, 291 points for x6 bikes with M,M, MM AB and a Typhoon is sexy...

Your thoughts?


  1. I saw somewhere that there is a 140 av 10 land speeder, is that right?

  2. ? There is Sammeul's as a free swap but the other ones are AV10