Monday, November 14, 2011

Post Mechanicon Part 1 of 2

A huge group of the Beltway Gamers decided to take the leap and head up to Mechanicon for the Warmachine events, and jonesing like a junky for a fix I signed up for the 40K GT event.
A few weeks passed and I realized days before the Mechanicon weekend I had not played a single game since The Battle for Blobs park!! With a busy work schedule and a couple personal projects keeping me busy I checked the rooster of scheduled events and found the Friday Night Fights Imperial Armour event, for $15 dollars I could get 3 games in, some great practice, and maybe win a Forge World event with my standard bike list…

Going to keep the Battle Reports short and sweet this time around…
Round 1 vs Space Wolves (Ted Nagel)Deployment - Spearhead
Mission - Table Quarters
Secondary - VP
Bonus Points for all Elites alive (150)
My Space Marine Bike list vs Space Wolves Thunder Puppies + Bikers. Fun but unfair game, Ted was a great opponent but was limited by the mission terribly. I was able to control his movement with the TFC’s and won the day when his TWC unit ran off the board right after coming on from reserves.

Round 2 vs Space Marines / Vulkan (Lost name)Deployment - Pitched Battle
Mission - Kill All HQ& Troops (no points for any alive…)
Secondary - VP
Bonus Points (None)

Hybrid Foot / Droppod list. Got given first turn so castled in a corner using storms for cover and bubble. This surprised my opponent and put him on the defensive. Turn 5 ended with Vulkan alive (1 wound) and one tactical squad member on the table, I had lost 5 models.. Mission ended as a draw… WTF?

Round 3 vs Tau (Paul, lost lastname)Deployment – Pitched Battle (Night fight turn 1)
Mission - Double VP for all units fully wiped, normally otherwise.
Secondary - (None)
Bonus All troops left alive (150)
Modified Crisis Suit Spam list. Took first turn, spread out over the board. Forced him to limited movement or risk dangerous terrain tests with the crisis suits. Alpha strike from Scouts escorted Broadsides off the board, killed his Crisis Suit Commander turn two and the following rounds took down a hammer head before finally being killed. Scouts were MVP’s by far. Solid victory.

Ended with Solid performance from bikes, 3 great practice games. Took Best overall and Best Sportsmen

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