Monday, August 1, 2011

The Warstore; Why buying online can be the right choice…

For all the posts complaining about Games Workshop’s price increases, rules we hate, tourneys that go wrong we infrequently take the time to say thank you when something goes right…
This is a long overdue thank you to Joe Latham, and The Warstore.

First let me start with a few important points;

1)Almost every post (including my Finecast rant) focuses on the negative, I figured a positive review would be a nice change of pace.
2) I am no way getting sponsorship from the retailer, The Warstore.
3) Supporting your local FLGS is key, without them we would all be playing in our basements.

Recently I won a good amount of “Warstore Credit” at The Colonial, a GT Qualifier Tournament in NJ. Awesome right? Small problem, I missed the announcement it needed to be used the booth they had in the WHFB / Dealers room while my friend Marc added color commentary to the awards ceremony! Two months later I emailed Joe oblivious to the expiration, asking how to place an order. Rather than tell me I was S**t out of luck, which would not have surprised me, I instead got a nice personalized reply detailing how to still use the credit, and within days I had all of the nice pretty toys I was dreaming of in my hands!

Now if this was the first time I had a good experience with a retailer, regardless of how great, I would be a lot less likely to take the time to say thanks in such a public fashion. This was the THIRD time in less than that many years. The first time with a misspack on a bits order, I got to keep the mistaken shipment and they mailed me out a replacement. The second time last Christmas I ordered some of their Fuzz Box Econo Trays as a gift for a friend. I received the wrong item, and they worked with me going above and beyond to make it perfect and then finally The Colonial gift certificates.

Now again I say it’s important to buy at your local game store, but sometimes they don’t carry everything a large online gaming Mecca like the The Warstore has. Before going to eBay consider looking here.

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