Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx/Necrosphinx Part 6 (Completed)

Once again I am slacking in blog posts.. I actually finished the Necrosphinx over a week ago but life got in the way...

Since it's a blackbox for my local Games Workshop store it was a bit of a rush job but overall I am fairly satisfied with how it turned out.

In it's new home at GW Jenifier Square.


  1. Good job. The gold looks great as does the turquoise. The brown is throwing me off though. It's a little dull to my eyes and it's too similar to the color of his base. Seems like a model like this one needs a little more vibrancy. Just my 2 cents, just a little criticism to help bring your painting to the next level. Your other color choices were spot on though.

  2. @OSH,

    Thanks for the feedback, I am always looking to improve!

    Actually thats the look I was going for! I wanted to break from the styling others have painted the Sphinx. An Old statue stripped of paint down to the bare natural "rock", metal and gemstones...

    I should break from my more natural, flatter look however and do some high contract models if for no other reason then for pure skill gained.

  3. How did you make the stone (body) as I really like it :) I'm new to painting so I need guidance - can't figure it out myself hehe

    Nice one :D

  4. @Havdreng,

    It's been a while but pretty sure it was Khemri brown, brown wash, and a couple dry brushed layers of bleached bone and white carefully applied.

    Sound simple and overall it was, I tried to use a larger brush to give even coats.

  5. Yeh that's very simple, thanks :)

    What do you think would end up with the best result of these two (going for a lighter sand):

    - Desert Yellow basecoat
    - Bleach Bone drybrush
    - Skull White drybrush

    - Khemri Brown basecoat
    - Dessert Yellow drybrush
    - Bleached Bone drybrush

    Lovely with some advices from an experienced painter ;)

  6. Oh,and please just write your thoughts no matter what colours and washes :)

    Btw. which Brown wash is it - Devlan Mud, Gryphonne Sepia or Ogryn Flesh? :)