Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Greater Summoned Daemon / A Second GT Qualifier

"The Battle for Blobs Park" , hosted by the Inner Circle Gaming Club, saw me creating a new model in my first attempt at speed painting. I am a chronically slow painter, both due to my hectic work schedule and the fact I am still trying to hone my skills. I am still awed by the models people are able to paint in less then half the time the I spend, but I will keep plugging away.

The Greater Summoned Daemon I used is a model from the Reaper Range of figures, "Sokar's Avatar". It  fits the theme of my army with no conversion other then a base swap. I plan to assemble and convert a second one as a showcase model, but I needed him ASAP!

Start to Finish he took about 11.5 hours, 2.5 in prep work, trimming flash, drilling and pinning, prepping a base and priming. A full 9 hours was spent painting him, with a little help from a friend of mine, Gamesmith starting the base blend on the bodies skin, something to work towards. It's not my best work, but better then allot of my army. I was proud to add him, and prouder yet I know I can do better!

The Best of the whole experience was the new addition to my army was the fact he was key to securing the win in all 4 GT Qualifing games, either as a solid heavy hitter, or a tough distraction unit. In the end I ended up taking FIRST PLACE!, netting my second qualifier for the Vega GT and winning a good size Space Wolf army in the process! It is important to note, my 1st place win does not rob an entry from a worthy 40k player, as I already have my "Golden Ticket" it goes to the person who came in 4th place.


  1. Great looking model you've got there.

    So, you don't catch any flak for using non-GW models in these tournies?

  2. @Warhammer39999, not so far. I identified it when asked as a reaper model, but @ "The Battle for Blobs park" the TO's were very flexable, and everyone seemed very receptive to it because it's the right size (about equal to a bloodthirster) and it fits the theme of my army so well.

  3. Looks awesome. very mumm-ra :)

    Have you posted a good hi-res pic of your display board & army from blobs?

  4. I didn't take any photo's while there, was way too busy...

    I really need to make a new display board, still using the beat up year old one..