Monday, December 7, 2009

Second Daemon Prince... Part 5

The Base..... One of the most important pieces of a miniature... And I have to hide a extended storage 3.6v rechargeable battery for the LED's in the Daemon Prince!!

To keep myself motivated I took a break from finishing it's conversions (I am a week and 1/2 behind schedule) to work on the base, sometimes just finishing something little helps me.

I think it's almost done.. Feedback welcome!


  1. Weak! just looks like a repose of the other one. You're such a loser. You should just give up now and throw your models in the trash.


    Glad to see another one coming, dude. It's not like you needed a second lash prince, though. Gonna at least give this bad boy a whip?

    We seriously need to have a day of conversions or something.

  2. Good job D. I can't wait to see him painted! Check out my Blog progress here--->

  3. Dameon, this seconda demon-prince is really going to outshine your first! I saw it at the Tourney but it was all black so I didn't notice the detail as much. Looking at these photos this thing is going to ROCK!

    I feel myself quoting the first Batman movie:
    "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"